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In Spirit We Are Free

Welcome Page

Wed May 8, 2013, 3:30 PM by KovoWolf:iconkovowolf:

Welcome to the WolfSpirits group here on DeviantART! We are a group focused primarily on sharing the love and passion for all Wolf related art, WereWolves, articles, and any and all wolf related things! We welcome all mediums such as traditional, digital, artisan, literature, etc.

WolfSpirits originated as a Wolf Role Play pack hosted on mIRC (Internet Relay Chat) and has continued to thrive throughout it's 12 years whichhas been going on since then.  We strive to feature, and promote outstanding artists and share the love and passion we have with these beautiful and most often time mis-understood creatures. We welcome you to join us here on DeviantART or you are welcome to visit us over at as well!

Group F.A.Q

Why was my art declined?
Make sure you take a look at our submission guidelines before submitting your artwork to our group. Your submission might not meet our guidelines. Also, make sure that you submit your art into the proper gallery. That is most commonly why deviations are declined. A note is usually made however to let you know :)

Can I Join?
Everyone who appreciates wolves, participates, or submits within our group and gallery is welcome here. Just click the "Join" Button!

Do I have to join your Role Play to be in the group?
Nope! You do not have to join the role play. We welcome any and all to the group as well as to the role play!

Our Chatrooms on dAmn

#WolfSpirit is the official WolfSpirits Channel on DeviantART

#WolfSpirits on mIRC
Come Role Play with us! if you want to join the actual pack!

Thank you!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 5:55 PM
Thank you to everyone who took part in donating points to helping renew our Super Group status. We are now back to being a Super Group until the year of 2013! All donations were greatly appreciated, no matter how small or how large they were. Our lovely group will remain with it's features, though do keep your eyes peeled for whatever events we have in store for this year ahead of us!

WolfSpirits Super Group!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 11, 2012, 1:14 PM
As many of you may know, our lovely group will no longer have it's "Super" title as of February 25th.
And if some are puzzled as to why we'd like to remain a Super Group, just look below!

Quoted from the Alpha(KovoWolf):

  I've worked hard on this group for as long as it has been running and I think a super group will really help bring together what this group really needs in features! It would bring a lot of great things to this group and open a whole avenue of great features I'd like to bring to the group members. Plus we can make custom CSS and look fancy. I would really love to see :icon#WolfSpirits: become one of the more popular groups for wolf enthusiasts to be apart of, but more importantly, give back to the community such a great group of people and to highlight wolves as they should and deserve to be :3 So consider us for point donation! All of it is appreciated!

Quoted from the Beta(xXEtienetteXx):

  The real benefits of allowing our group to remain a Super is giving it the space it needs to post more areas for art, and discussions alike. WolfSpirits is around for anyone and everyone to join in on and enjoy the absolute beauty of Wolves. Whether it be through art, literature or even simple chatter. It may provide fancy HTML/CSS, which is a plus to our group but the main point here is look at all the wonderful features that a Super Group allows. WolfSpirits has come a long, long way - almost 11 years it has been around, one of the oldest and largest Packs to step foot onto the internet. So even though it may not mean anything to some people, the Super Group status provides us with more space to post the things that this group is involved with. It shows just about everything the Super Group allows us to do on our main page, especially when it comes to the Submission Policies and Updates.

  In general this group for dA is for art, of all types and every single one of these features provide us with what we need. Though in general it gives our members the freedom to take part in Contests, give word to their opinions in various ways and simply enjoy our Group. Some may not care all too much but the ones who truly love WolfSpirits, for all that it is - they would like to see it remain with it's current Super status. This is not out of greed that we wish to remain a Super, it is in fact for the community and members. It is also not for status, because we are very happy with how we are now. Though being given the chance to continue expanding our wonderful group is something we'd very much enjoy. It would provide us with the ability to give even more back to everyone who happily shows interest in our group and what it's about.

So there you have it!
Please consider us for a donation, it will most certainly mean a lot. :heart:

[CONTEST] - Children Of The Night

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 22, 2011, 1:57 PM

A decision has been made! Based on our latest poll you have chosen the theme. We are hoping this will be the largest contest yet for WolfSpirits. Why make this one so special? Because the prizes will be outstanding! They are all not going to be announced just yet as we are still gathering resources for some prizes.

:star: If you would like to donate a prize, please note us! We will take whatever you are wiling to donate! :star:

"Children Of The Night" - Contest Details

Theme: Children Of The Night
Medium: All Mediums accepted
Due Date: OVER
Number Of Entries: unlimited
- Must have at least 1 wolf related subject/object/thing in it

We can all relate to the wolf in some aspect or another but what would it be like to actually feel the cool wind in your fur? To smell the sweet scents around you upon your prowl? What would the night hold for you as a wolf? What does "children of the night" mean to you?

Well we are hoping you can depict this for us! There is no limit to what you can create. Ask yourself "What does Children Of The Night mean to me?" and simply draw what you feel. There is no right or wrong answer! Best of luck and thank you to all who participate

:bulletblue:Prizes: :bulletblue:
More To Be Announced

1. :points: 400 by KovoWolf
2. Character portrait by KovoWolf
3. WolfSpirits blog feature on your art and winning piece
4. 1 month premium membership donated by KovoWolf
5. DeviantART lanyard - pending
6. DeviantART T-Shirt - pending

This months feature goes to those who helped donate to the super group! There will also be some more features on the side bar. Thank you again to everyone who helped!
Stane by Dark-SheynHeavenly Wolves by FealokiGreat Plains Wolf by WolfoteHusky and clover by SHAKUMl

.::[ Submission Guidelines ]::.

Sat Feb 19, 2011, 1:47 PM by KovoWolf:iconkovowolf:

:bulletred::bulletblack: SUBMITTING YOUR ARTWORK :bulletred::bulletblack:
How your work gets Accepted

:bulletblue: Submission Guidelines :bulletblue:
We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm in joining our group and as well contributing to our group. We are striving to become one of the most diverse groups here on deviantART in respect to Wolf/WereWolf artwork. We want to make sure you're work ends up in the right showcase so please review the below when submitting your artwork.

:bulletblue::bulletblack: Proper Gallery :bulletblack::bulletblue:

:bulletred: Please make sure you submit your artwork to the proper gallery. You can choose which folder you want to submit your work to go to by doing the following:

:bulletgreen: Gallery Folder -> Wolf Photography

When you submit your artwork, there is a drop down menu that pops up and you can then choose what category you wish your piece to be submitted too

:bulletred: Featured Gallery - This gallery is a special gallery where we display excellent artwork that is submitted to our galleries. The MOD/Staff of WolfSpirits determines what can/cannot be accepted into the featured gallery. Please do not feel discouraged if you're piece is denied. Take a look at what is showcased in that gallery to get a good idea on what is accepted into that folder.

Please submit only 1 piece per week to our FEATURED folder

:bulletblue::bulletblack: Affiliations :bulletblack::bulletblue:

The entire staff here at WolfSpirits will look at all submissions requesting to become affiliates. We will discuss our decision in the forum that accompanies your request. Please we only accept "WOLF" related affiliates! Thank you!

:bulletred: Questions? Confused? :bulletred:

Please feel free to send the group a note if you are not sure how the submission process works, we'd be happy to help!

:bulletred::bulletred: We have a NEW gallery! We are now accepting COMICS! :bulletred::bulletred:

It has come to my attention that there are still members of the group who aren't submitting their work to the proper gallery. It would make MODs lives a little better if you could submit your artwork to the proper folder to avoid having your artwork declined :heart:

If your work is declined its most likely because you didn't submit it to the proper gallery.

If you are not sure what gallery your artwork belongs to, below are some examples!

:bulletblack: - CAN submit to this folder

:bulletblack: Featured :bulletblack:
Admin/Staff are only allowed to submit/move pieces into this folder

:bulletred: Member Gallery Of Excellence :bulletred:
Admin/Staff are only allowed to submit/move pieces into this folder

:bulletblack: Realistic Wolves :bulletblack:
Realistic: This means the artwork demonstrates a wolf with -no- color markings or fantasy elements.
Angry Wolf by SilmaSan wolf v1 by SandraWhite

:bulletblack: Wolf Photography :bulletblack:
Photography only!
Tala by WinceyEbony and Amber by Lupinicious Novembersun by wolfenphotography

:bulletblack: Wolf Fantasy :bulletblack:
Characters with ANY markings, un-natural colors,wings,charms,jewelry,un-realistic setting, etc.
Two by Dark-SheynChange by x-RainFlame-x WolfSpirits Rebirth by KovoWolf

:bulletblack: WereWolves :bulletblack:
Any wolf anthropomorphic artwork
searching the waves by Foxbat-Sullavinwerewolf by stoudaa Sacred Waters by Goldenwolf

:bulletblack: Wolves & Humans :bulletblack:
Anything with wolves and humans involved. This includes photography, fantasy and realistic!
Mononoke Night by JoJoesArtUntitled Part 5 by PURErube

:bulletblack: Tribal Wolves :bulletblack:
Anything tribal. This includes tattoos!��
Skythe Tribal by NathalieNovaAT: Tribal Starwolf Tattoo by DansuDragon WooOolf by Ran-Dae

:bulletblack: Cel Shading :bulletblack:
Cel shading (often misspelled as 'cell shading') or toon shading is a type of non-photorealistic rendering designed to make 3-D computer graphics appear to be flat by using less shading color instead of a shade gradient or tints and shades. Cel-shading is often used to mimic the style of a comic book or cartoon. It is somewhat recent, appearing from around the beginning of the twenty-first century. The name comes from cels (short for celluloid), the clear sheets of acetate which are painted on for use in traditional 2D animation.

.: [ Not like the Movies ] :. + Speedpaint! by ZahkiinBeware my fangs! by lauraacanLikuu - Commission by Nereiix

:bulletblack: Lore Ruins - Literature :bulletblack:
Anything and All literature. Poems, stories, books etc.
Legend Unleashed (Keeping Secrets, Book 1)  Chpt 4 by mlatimerridley

:bulletblack: Wolf Animations :bulletblack:
Anything and all animated related artwork. Avatars, GIFs etc.
Okami - Art is Life by Crazdude

:bulletblack: Wolves Arts and Crafts :bulletblack:
All art and craft related work. Keychains, embroider, clay sculptures, painted feathers etc.. NOTE we will NOT accept charm necklaces that where bought off the internet and strung with a chain only. 
Wolves - Wood burning by brandojonesWhite Wolf Celestial Angel Spirit Bracelet SOLDOUT by DaybreaksDawn Wolf Hat by calgarycosplay

:bulletblack: Comics :bulletblack:
All comic related artwork! Including comic strips, novel comics and short comics!
Manchuria Pg 4 by HeiXieXun Chakra -B.O.T. Page 84 by ARVEN92

:bulletblack: Photo-manipulations :bulletblack:
All work that involves photo manipulating pictures of wolves, wolf scenes, or anything related to wolves and their subjects!
Fog in the Forest by Aeternum-Art comm: i'm waking up to ash and dust by trappedpigeon

:bulletblack: Character Sheets :bulletblack:
These are visual representations of ones character or group of characters they play or consider their 'fursona'.
Tacaya - Fursona reference sheet by Nereiix Crys ref - almost complete! by Marshpawwolf

:bulletblack: Club Stamps :bulletblack:
All stamps!

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