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Howlo Wolves Of WolfSpirits!!

Our super group has run out and I'm now accepting donations to get it super again! :) All donations can be made on my profile KovoWolf! If you scroll down, I will have my donation pool just above comments.

Your continued support means a lot to us and we're grateful for it!  We currently need to raise 4,796 :points:!


Current Donators
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Hello Wolves Of WolfSpirits!

Its it really 2016 already!? I know things have been fairly quiet here events and news wise, but I have a lot of exciting things I'm hoping to finally bring to the table here! It's time to get activity spiked again and I really look forward to the new year!

If you have any suggestions, feel free to offer; In the meantime stay tuned for what's to come!



New Gallery - Cel Shading

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 8:01 AM by KovoWolf:iconkovowolf:

Howlo everyone!

It's been sometime sense we've connected! I've got some exciting things coming along in the near future so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know we have a new / renamed gallery! Cel Shaded Art! This will be for cell shaded artwork! You can find some great examples below!

Cel Shading Definition

Cel shading (often misspelled as 'cell shading') or toon shading is a type of non-photorealistic rendering designed to make 3-D computer graphics appear to be flat by using less shading color instead of a shade gradient or tints and shades. Cel-shading is often used to mimic the style of a comic book or cartoon. It is somewhat recent, appearing from around the beginning of the twenty-first century. The name comes from cels (short for celluloid), the clear sheets of acetate which are painted on for use in traditional 2D animation.[1]

Cell Shaded Artwork

Have a Wolfy Valentines!

Thu Feb 12, 2015, 11:40 AM by KovoWolf:iconkovowolf:

Howl-o Every Wolf!

We are excited for a new year and with it, we have some exciting things under way! It's time to get the activity going and we've got some things in the works that we are pretty excited about! In the meantime, join in the valentines day exchange if you like! Below you will find some wolf related valentines!

Valentines Day Exchange Wolf Cards

UPDATE!!  Selune has been found!

I am happy to report that Lunie has been found and returned home! She's safe and sound! Thank you everyone for passing along the word and sharing!! :heart:

Missingselune by KovoWolf


If you are in the HORNINGSEA nr CAMBRIDGE area please keep an eye out for Selune! She is a 1 year old Northern Inuit FEMALE. Microchipped, wearing a collar and tag! She's been missing since 4pm August 19th and was last seen 6:15pm. She is TIMID OF STRANGERS.

if seen in the UK please call +44 7717686710 or +44 7934710752  | DeviantART Owners Username: wolfmoonie 

1150174 10202902367453541 5422950777116012808 N by KovoWolf

1899975 10202480213259950 900300364 N by KovoWolf

10251988 10202902369773599 6168663194516577881 N by KovoWolf


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